Genetics Practice Problems with Google Slides

For students who are learning remotely, genetics lessons that involve Punnett squares and probability may be challenging.  In a traditional class, I would give students small whiteboards and we would practice doing crosses together.

I could circulate around the room to help students who are struggling, and they could help each other. Plus, they love writing on whiteboards!

For remote learning I had to get a little creative with how to walk students through the process of setting up Punnett squares. I had to create something that students could write on that I could also check or monitor from a distance.  

 Even though schools are back in session, these remote resources are still useful for reinforcement. Plus, you can save paper by assigning work in Google Classroom.

Genetics: Focus on Punnett Squares is a Google Slides activity. It walks students through the steps of setting up Punnett squares and determining phenotypic ratios.  Students can type into tables (Punnett Squares) to show the outcome of a cross.  

The slides start with simple problems like identifying heterozygous and homozygous, and with squares already set up. Students progress to harder problems where they must determine the genotypes of the parents and set up the squares themselves.

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Question #4 from Simple Genetics Practice Problems

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