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  • Genetics Practice Problems with Google Slides

    Genetics Practice Problems with Google Slides

    For students who are learning remotely, genetics lessons that involve Punnett squares and probability may be challenging.  In a traditional class, I would give students small whiteboards and we would practice doing crosses together. I could circulate around the room to help students who are struggling, and they could help each other. Plus, they love writing…

  • Genetic Crosses – 2 Traits

    Genetic Crosses – 2 Traits

    This worksheet was designed for freshman learning dihybrid crosses. Students struggle with setting up Punnet squares, so the squares are set up for them at first. Students only need to fill in the letters of the genotype can determine the phenotype proportions. A final task requires students to set up their own 4×4 square when…

  • Genetics of Chicken Combs

    Genetics of Chicken Combs

    The combs of chickens are controlled by four alleles, which interact to produce four distinct phenotypes: single, rose, pea, and walnut. In this exercise, students predict the outcomes of chicken crosses. Ideally, students should already know how to do crosses that involve two traits, the mechanisms for solving these problems are similar. My honors biology…

  • Data Analysis:  Virginia Opossum and Color Variations

    Data Analysis: Virginia Opossum and Color Variations

    Students examine scatter plots that show phenotype variations among opossums in North America, exhibiting variations in coat color, ear length, and size.

  • Case Study: How Do Genes Determine Skin Color?

    Case Study: How Do Genes Determine Skin Color?

    This case study focuses on a news story whose headline declares that a “mother is a the only black woman to give birth to two white babies.”    Students look past the sensationalized headline to discover how skin color is controlled by multiple genes and make a final judgement about whether statements made in the…

  • Analyzing Human Pedigrees

    Analyzing Human Pedigrees

    Biology students learn to analyze pedigrees as part of a unit on genetics.  Pedigrees are usually learned soon after students have a grasp of Punnett squares and the concept of segregation.   Some students will have an easy time with pedigrees, depending on how well they understood genetic crosses.   In this activity, students are…