Genetic Crosses 2 (Remote)

Students practice determining the phenotypic ratios of crosses that involve two traits. Rabbits in the cross can be gray (G) or white (g) and have black eyes (B) or red eyes (b). The squares are 4×4 with the parent gametes completed and students need to only fill in the combinations found in the offspring and count the numbers.

The second page shows students how to determine the combination of genes in the parental gametes and asks students to complete a square that has not been set up for them.

For more advanced students or additional practice, another practice worksheet is available where most of the squares are not setup for the students in advance.

This was redesigned in 2020 to work with Google classroom and remote learning. Students can complete this directly on their Chromebooks and access the sheet with Google classroom. The original version is still available for paper printouts.

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