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  • Corn Chi Square (remote)

    Corn Chi Square (remote)

    This is the remote version of a classroom activity I do with corn ears. Students would count the kernels (smooth, wrinkled, purple, yellow) and determine if the ears of corn are the result of a dihybrid cross, RrPp x RrPp. This gives students the opportunity to apply statically analysis to data sets and determine if…

  • Genetic Crosses in Rabbits (Remote)

    Genetic Crosses in Rabbits (Remote)

    Students learn how to do Punnett squares with two traits by practicing completing 4×4 squares.

  • Genetics Practice (Remote)

    Genetics Practice (Remote)

    This worksheet was modified from a popular (and long-standing) worksheet where students practice genetics crosses: Simple Genetics Practice Problems. This version was created for remote learning during the 2020 pandemic. It is similar to the printout students would normally use, but in the case, I used inserted tables in Google docs to set up the…

  • Genetics – Lop Ears

    Genetics – Lop Ears

    This worksheet allows students to practice doing genetic crosses that involve two traits. The first problem has the 4×4 Punnet square already set up. Once they fill out the square, they determine how many of the bunnies have floppy or long ears, and how many have black or pink noses. Note, these genetic traits are…

  • Corn Genetics and Chi Square Analysis

    Corn Genetics and Chi Square Analysis

    Students count kernels on an ear of corn. The corn is the product of a dihybrid cross, so that the phenotype of the kernels will follow a 9:3:3:1 ratio.

  • Dihybrid Crosses in Guinea Pigs

    Dihybrid Crosses in Guinea Pigs

    Teaching dihybrid crosses can be challenging because it involves layering several biological concepts, like independent assortment and statistics. This worksheet illustrates how gametes are formed from the parents and used to create a 4×4 punnet square that is used in basic genetic problems.

  • Chi Square Analysis

    Chi Square Analysis

    The new Advanced Placement Biology curriculum includes a few topics on statistical analysis under the section on Science Practices: “Students can use mathematics appropriately.”  Most introductory level biology classes (freshman) do not include these lessons because it can be difficult with students who haven’t advanced very far in algebra.   Seniors in  AP Biology should…

  • Teaching Chi Square Analysis

    Teaching Chi Square Analysis

    How to teach chi square analysis in biology. Includes presentation slides and student assignment.