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  • Genome Wide Association Studies in Dog Coats

    Genome Wide Association Studies in Dog Coats

    Data examines single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that indicate a strong or weak correlation to coat length and texture in different dogs.

  • DNA Lesson Using PTC as an Anchoring Phenomenon

    DNA Lesson Using PTC as an Anchoring Phenomenon

    Describes how using anchoring phenomenon can improve lessons on teaching DNA and how the sequence of DNA determines structure and function.

  • Genetic Crosses in Rabbits (Remote)

    Genetic Crosses in Rabbits (Remote)

    Students learn how to do Punnett squares with two traits by practicing completing 4×4 squares.

  • Genetics – Lop Ears

    Genetics – Lop Ears

    This worksheet allows students to practice doing genetic crosses that involve two traits. The first problem has the 4×4 Punnet square already set up. Once they fill out the square, they determine how many of the bunnies have floppy or long ears, and how many have black or pink noses. Note, these genetic traits are…

  • What is a Cladogram?

    What is a Cladogram?

    Students are given a description and an example of a cladogram showing the relationship between lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and birds. They are then walked through the process of creating a cladogram for five animal examples: frog, fish, bird, koala, and lizard. The process involves suggesting traits that these animals share and finding traits that are…

  • Genetics of Chicken Combs

    Genetics of Chicken Combs

    The combs of chickens are controlled by four alleles, which interact to produce four distinct phenotypes: single, rose, pea, and walnut. In this exercise, students predict the outcomes of chicken crosses. Ideally, students should already know how to do crosses that involve two traits, the mechanisms for solving these problems are similar. My honors biology…

  • Genetic Crosses with 2 Traits with Rabbits

    Genetic Crosses with 2 Traits with Rabbits

    Beginning biology students can struggle with dihybrid crosses and setting up Punnett squares that have two traits.  When tackling this concept, make sure students are familiar and competent with basic genetic crosses and setting up Punnett squares for a single trait. For example, a tall (Tt) plant is crossed with a short plant (tt). Once…

  • Dragon Genetics

    Dragon Genetics

    Add a little fantasy to your genetics unit by having students practice doing genetic crosses using dragons as specimens.  Dragon traits include fire breathing, wingless, and color.   I have students practice on whiteboards as we work through the slides and then I have students share their solutions with the class.  The level 2 questions include…

  • Human Traits Bingo

    Human Traits Bingo

    This activity is a good starter for genetics units.  Students are often fascinated by traits that are visible.   Lively discussions of human genetics will often include students asking tons of questions about what they view as “oddities.” Though, many of those traits would be difficult to establish as strictly genetics, it provides a good…