Dragon Genetics

Add a little fantasy to your genetics unit by having students practice doing genetic crosses using dragons as specimens.  Dragon traits include fire breathing, wingless, and color.   I have students practice on whiteboards as we work through the slides and then I have students share their solutions with the class. 

The level 2 questions include a cross with two traits and a codominant trait in dragons (scale color.)  You can save the slides to you own google drive and create additional questions and traits found in dragons. 

I have also had students create their own traits to add to our dragon genetics and then create their own practice problems to trade with other groups.  Ideas students have shared:  horns,  invisibility, magic, claws, legs, eye color. 

Students are only limited by their own imaginations!

For additional fun with dragon genetics, check out  “Teaching Genetics with Dragons

Dragon Genetics Slides

 Dragon Genetics on Google Slides