Eye Anatomy – Slides

This labeling activity was designed for remote learners so that students can practice identifying the anatomical structures of the eye. The activity was made with Google slides so that students can move the text boxes to the numbers on the labels. The image of the eye shows major structures, like the cornea, lens, fovea centralis, optic disk, retina, and choroid.

The second slide is more challenging in that students need to type the correct label, but they can also easily refer to the first slide. The last slide doesn’t have arrows and has a different eye diagram facing the opposite direction. Students must use the arrow tool and their own text boxes to identify structures. The Google Doc linked below is a paper version of the labeling that has a word bank at the bottom of the sheet.

Students can also practice with this Eye Anatomy Study Set from Quizlet. The Virtual Eye Dissection is an excellent follow-up to learning structures on a model when you don’t have the ability to perform a real dissection in class.

Traditional classes can still use the eye anatomy coloring sheet and work eye physical eye models that can be manipulated.

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