Reinforcement: Cell Division


This worksheet was created for an introductory biology class because they struggled with the difficult vocabulary associated with mitosis and the cell cycle.  Students practice by matching the word with the definition or description of the word.   

Words include chromosome, chromatid, centromere, spindle, cytokinesis, diploid, haploid, nucleus, DNA, and the phases of the cell cycle. Students also practice labeling the phases of mitosis on an image.

I usually have students do this after we have done other mitosis activities, like the Mitosis Coloring or the Mitosis Labeling.    I ask students to take 10-15 minutes to quietly answer the questions and skip any that they don’t know.   

When everyone is finished, I put the worksheet on the overhead and have a volunteer student write in the answers as we go over them.    I have extra copies that I offer to students who want to try again.

Grade Level:  6-12
Time Required:  15-20 minutes