Mitosis Drag & Drop

If you have used the cell cycle label (mitosis) in class, this version will work for assigning on Google Classroom. The image of the cell cycle includes interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase, plus several structures associated with the process.

Students can drag the labels to the image on Google slides and then complete a chart that describes the major events that happen in each phase.

This can be used in basic biology classes and even upper level classes as a refresher on the cell cycle. I did not include other questions that you would find on the original exercise mainly because I find students can get overwhelmed with too much information.

I will probably add that as a separate document that students can complete in Google docs. The image below shows the first slide, but it’s recommended that you assign it as the Google slide version so students can manipulate the labels (drag and drop).

Google Slides

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