Category: Cell Biology

  • Photosynthesis Label

    Photosynthesis Label

    I designed for remote learning during the 2020 pandemic, though it is based off a similar photosynthesis worksheet that students would complete in class. Remote learning makes it more challenging for students to do labeling exercises since it can be difficult to annotate text without other apps installed. I made this labeling on Google slides…

  • Case Study – Mitosis, Cancer, and the HPV Vaccine

    Case Study – Mitosis, Cancer, and the HPV Vaccine

    Students in my anatomy class get a quick review of the cell and mitosis. This activity on HPV shows how the cell cycle relates to overall health. In fact, many of the chapters in anatomy have anchoring phenomena on diseases and health. For example, cystic fibrosis is a cellular transport problem, but has serious effects…

  • Osmosis Practice with Slides

    Osmosis Practice with Slides

    Practice identifying hypotonic and hypertonic solutions and determining which direction water will flow with these slides. You can assign this activity on Google Classroom, and students can complete the activity on their own or in groups. The activity features 4 slides with cells in various solutions of glucose or glucose + sodium. Next to each…

  • Mitosis Drag & Drop

    Mitosis Drag & Drop

    If you have used the cell cycle label (mitosis) in class, this version will work for assigning on Google Classroom. The image of the cell cycle includes interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase, plus several structures associated with the process. Students can drag the labels to the image on Google slides and then complete a…

  • Virtual Diffusion Lab

    Virtual Diffusion Lab

    The diffusion lab has been a yearly activity in my biology class as part of a unit on cells and cell transport. Students fill a bag with starch and water and then submerge it in a solution of iodine and observe what happens. The iodine diffuses across the plastic bag and turns the starch purple.…

  • Cell Labeling (Remote)

    Cell Labeling (Remote)

    Can you ever have too many cell labeling practice worksheets? This one uses Slides for students to drag and drop labels to the image.

  • Biomolecules – Guided Learning

    Biomolecules – Guided Learning

    This lesson was inspired by a POGIL lesson on proteins. Like other process oriented guided learning activities, students examine graphics and information. Then they perform tasks to build their knowledge and understanding of the topic. The slides start with the basic structure of an amino acid, where students identify the carboxyl and amine groups. Then…

  • Medical Errors – Don’t Use Pure Water Intravenously

    Medical Errors – Don’t Use Pure Water Intravenously

    I created this mini case study from a story about a patient given sterile water instead of saline in an intravenous drip solution. Students should probably have a learned about tonicity (hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic) before attempting this activity. The worksheet describes a scenario where a patient was hyperglycemic and the doctor ordered water be…

  • Label Cell Diagrams Using Google Draw

    Label Cell Diagrams Using Google Draw

    Label a cell using PDF form fields or google draw. Can be assigned on chromebooks or remotely.

  • Virtual Microscope

    Virtual Microscope

    This worksheet can be used with the Virtual Microscope where students can place specimens on a stage and use coarse and fine adjustment knobs to magnify up to 100x. Generally, I have my students practice with real microscopes, starting with a basic tutorial lab where they focus on the letter “e.” This virtual lab also…

  • Jim Allison: Breakthrough

    Jim Allison: Breakthrough

    The film, “Jim Allison: Breakthrough” can be streamed through online platforms, like PBS or from Amazon Prime Video. Teachers can sign up for a free license at The film is 1 1/2 hours long, which is longer than most class periods, and many teen attention spans, so I split the worksheet into two halves.…

  • The Calvin Cycle

    The Calvin Cycle

    TED-ED video on the Calvin Cycle explains how the cycle works to create glucose. Students complete questions and label a diagram of the Calvin Cycle.

  • Cell Cycle Label

    Cell Cycle Label

    This worksheet was created for freshman level biology and is a simpler version of a worksheet I use in the advanced classes showing the cell cycle. The image shows a cell in interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. Students label each phase and then identify structures within the cell that are important for cell division,…

  • Exploring Enzymes by Analyzing Graphics

    Exploring Enzymes by Analyzing Graphics

    Students examine several images related to enzymes and answer questions. Worksheet covers how enzymes act on substrates, how they lower the activation energy of a reaction, how they have optimal temperature and pH, and how they can be inhibited.

  • Modeling Osmosis

    Modeling Osmosis

    This basic lab uses Deco-cubes to show how they change in size when soaked in salt water, distilled water, and tap water.