Light Independent Reaction and Calvin Cycle

In my advanced biology classes, students take a closer look at photosynthesis with this worksheet. They learn about the reaction that occur in the presence of light, also called the light-dependent reaction. Then, they learn about the Calvin cycle, which occurs without light.

You can view a simpler version of this photosynthesis activity here.

This worksheet helps to reinforce concepts presented in the class lecture. The graphic is also embedded within the slides so that you can pause and have students practice labeling before continuing to the Calvin Cycle.

The first graphic on this worksheet is the basic overview of the light dependent reaction and the Calvin cycle.. It focuses on the general reactants and products of each reaction.

In the second graphic, students take a closer look at the light dependent reaction: photosystem I and photosystem II. The image shows the two systems which are unlabeled (referenced with numbers). Then students use a list to match the number to the process or structure. You could adjust the worksheet and remove the list to make the activity more challenging.

Photosynthesis Graphic:

  • Electron Transport Chain
  • Photosystem I and II
  • Cytochrome and ATP Synthase
  • ATP and NADPH