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  • Light Independent Reaction and Calvin Cycle

    Light Independent Reaction and Calvin Cycle

    Students label a graphic showing an overview of photosynthesis and the Calvin cycle, plus a detailed image of photosystem I and II.

  • The Calvin Cycle

    The Calvin Cycle

    TED-ED video on the Calvin Cycle explains how the cycle works to create glucose. Students complete questions and label a diagram of the Calvin Cycle.

  • Photosystems and Chemiosmosis Coloring

    Photosystems and Chemiosmosis Coloring

    Use this coloring worksheet to explore how plant cells harvest energy form the sun to generate ATP in the process known as chemiosmosis.   

  • How Does Photosynthesis Work?

    How Does Photosynthesis Work?

     This worksheet requires students to label the major events that happen in photosynthesis and write the equation.   Students also label a chloroplast showing the light-dependent reaction with its reactants (water) and products (oxygen, ATP, NADPH.)     The light-independent reaction is also shown to illustrate how ATP and NADPH are energy-carrying molecules that power…