Photosynthesis Label

I designed for remote learning during the 2020 pandemic, though it is based off a similar photosynthesis worksheet that students would complete in class.

Remote learning makes it more challenging for students to do labeling exercises since it can be difficult to annotate text without other apps installed. I made this labeling on Google slides with the image as a background and blocks of texts that can be moved to the correct location (drag-and-drop).

Students label the reactants, carbon dioxide and water, then the products, glucose and oxygen. Another slide goes into the details of the light dependent reaction and the Calvin cycle.

This activity is intended to be given after going over photosynthesis and doing the chapter reading. I encourage my students to use outside sources if they are really stuck on the labeling, like their textbook or websites. When grading, I use the paint bucket tool to fill incorrect labels with red, which can allow for students to resubmit and fix the errors.