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  • Inquiry Lab on Photosynthesis and Respiration

    Inquiry Lab on Photosynthesis and Respiration

    Discover how plants produce oxygen and energy through photosynthesis, and witness cellular respiration as it consumes oxygen. Engage in hands-on experiments, measuring real-time changes in oxygen levels.

  • Case Study – How Human Activities Affect Water Quality

    Case Study – How Human Activities Affect Water Quality

    Use the data to determine where a river is most polluted, and determine what factors affect the composition of the water, like locations near towns or farms.

  • Interactive Slides: Blood

    Interactive Slides: Blood

    These interactive slides on blood were created for pandemic teaching in 2021. Slides can be posted on Google Classroom or other learning management systems. My class are hybrid, where I have a mix of students watching from home and those in class. Students all have Chromebook and as we go through the slides, I’m explaining…

  • Photosynthesis Label

    Photosynthesis Label

    I designed for remote learning during the 2020 pandemic, though it is based off a similar photosynthesis worksheet that students would complete in class. Remote learning makes it more challenging for students to do labeling exercises since it can be difficult to annotate text without other apps installed. I made this labeling on Google slides…

  • The Blue Bottle Demonstration

    The Blue Bottle Demonstration

    Most biology teachers must eventually accept the awful truth that they will need to include chemistry in their biology classes.  For years, the only chemistry I had to worry about was the very simple photosynthesis equation which was fairly easy to explain and also presented in an “unbalanced” form.   When I started teaching AP…

  • Case Study – Chicago Cyanide Murders

    Case Study – Chicago Cyanide Murders

    Students investigate how cyanide interferes with the mitochondria and the role of oxygen in cellulular respiration; based on an historical event.