Unit 6: Inheritance

Ch 11: Meiosis & Sexual Reproduction (OpenStax)

Meiosis Case Study Presentation powerpoint

Meiosis (traditional notes) powerpoint

(V) Meiosis | SciShow Meiosis

Meiosis Labeling


meiosis square dance

Check out the lyrics too!


 Ch 12: Basic and Advanced Genetics

Mendelian Genetics powerpoint

(V) Mendelian Genetics
(Lab) Plant Genetics | (Lab) Wisconsin Fast Plants
Genetics Problems (basic)

 Chi Square Analysis powerpoint

Chi Square with Candy
(Lab) Corn and Chi Square Analysis
Practice Problems with Chi Square

Advanced Genetics powerpoint

(V) Advanced Genetics
Genetics: Advanced Problems
Genetics: Sex-Linkage Problems
Multiple Alleles in Chickens *

(Virtual Lab) Drosophilab Assignment

Genetics and Inheritance - Overview

Ch 13: Chromosomes & Inheritance powerpoint

Case Study Notes: Calico Cats (karyotypes, nondisjunction, sex-linked traits)

(V) Genetic Recombination and Gene Mapping

Gene Linkage and Chromosome Mapping powerpoint

Virtual Lab: Drosophila and Linkage Groups

Practice Making Chromosome Maps

Practice identifying chromosome abnormalities