Unit 1: The Chemistry of Life

*First Day Activity- Exploration: Roach*

Chapter 1.1: The Science of Biology openstax

Chapter 1.1 Reading Guide | 1.2 Reading Guide

google slides The Process of Science | Notes Outline |

homework Argumentation in Science / Logical Fallacies

Good Vibrations! Leaf Hopper podcast

Scientific Method Scenarios - group project

Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER)

Scientific Argumentation and ACE2 Receptors (CER)

I2 strategy: Data Point Wolbachia and Mosquitos (CER)

I2 Strategy: Data Point Mosquito (CER)

Masks and Disease Spread (CER)

Cats Falling Out of Windows (CER, NCBI)

While We Sleep - CER

Data Analysis and Graphing

Graph with a Google Spreadsheet (Ounces to Grams)

Data Lab - Measuring Water Quality and Biodiversity

Demon Haunted Error Bars (Carl Sagan Read)

Oreo Cookie Statistics

Normal Distribution at HHMI

How to Calculate Standard Error of Mean

Experimental Design Reference Sheet

Investigation: Lung Capacity and Processes of Science

google slides Defining Life | Notes Outline

Nanobacteria: Are They Alive? (case study)

Chapter 2: The Chemical Foundation of Life openstax

Reading Guides: 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.3

video Properties of Water

homework Standard Deviation | SD (Hair)

Investigation: Properties of Water (with stats)


Chapter 3: Biological Macromolecules openstax

Ch 3 Reading Guide

google slides Chapter 3: Biological Macromolecules | Notes Outline

homeworkBiological Macromolecules - Reinforcement (Reading)

video Biological Molecules | Crash Course

McMush Lab

Protein POGIL

homework Concept Map - Organic Compounds

homework Biochemistry Crossword Puzzle