Unit 1: The Science of Biology

*First Day Activity- Exploration: Roach*

Chapter 1.1: The Science of Biology openstax

Chapter 1.1 Reading Guide | 1.2 Reading Guide

google slides The Process of Science | Notes Outline |

homework Argumentation in Science / Logical Fallacies

Good Vibrations! Leaf Hopper podcast

Scientific Method Scenarios - group project

Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER)

Scientific Argumentation and ACE2 Receptors (CER)

I2 strategy: Data Point Wolbachia and Mosquitos (CER)

I2 Strategy: Data Point Mosquito (CER)

Masks and Disease Spread (CER)

Cats Falling Out of Windows (CER, NCBI)

Data Analysis and Graphing

Graph with a Google Spreadsheet (Ounces to Grams)

Data Lab - Measuring Water Quality and Biodiversity

Demon Haunted Error Bars (Carl Sagan Read)

Oreo Cookie Statistics

Normal Distribution at HHMI

How to Calculate Standard Error of Mean

Standard Deviation | SD (Hair)

Experimental Design Reference Sheet

Investigation: Lung Capacity and Processes of Science

google slides Defining Life | Notes Outline

Nanobacteria: Are They Alive? (case study)

Chapter 2: The Chemical Foundation of Life openstax

Reading Guides: 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.3

Investigation: Properties of Water (with stats)


Chapter 3: Biological Macromolecules openstax

Ch 3 Reading Guide | Macromolecules - Reinforcement (Reading)

google slides Chapter 3: Biological Macromolecules | Notes Outline

Biomolecules: Proteins (Guided Learning)

homework Concept Map - Organic Compounds

Biochemistry Crossword Puzzle  

Lion and Elephant Macromolecules

Review: Boxing Biomolecules | Biomolecules Chart

McMush Lab

Protein POGIL