2.     polysaccharide that makes up plant cell walls
5.     the ____ group participates in reactions
6.     type of compound that has a hydroxyl group (-OH)
7.     gives structure and integrity to cell membrane
11.   a common monosaccharide
13.   polysaccharide that forms exoskeletons
17.   fatty acids; waxes, oils and fats
18.   contains a carbonyl group =C=O; acetone
19.   sugar found in DNA
20.   glucose + fructose =


1.     long chain of glucose; energy storage in animals
3.     milk sugar
4.     long chains of glucose; energy storage in plants
8.     type of lipid that has four fused rings; cholesterol
9.     type of fat that is solid at room temperature
10.   combining molecules by losing water; dehydration ____
12.   element found in ALL organic compounds
14.   chemical breakdown using water
15.   isomer of glucose; found in fruit
16.   composed of chains of amino acids