Unit 3: Cell Metabolism

Chapter 6: Metabolism openstax

Demonstration / Phenomenon: Lactase in Different Solutions

powerpoint Google Slides | Notes

Chapter 6 Reading Guide

homework Analyzing Graphics: Enzymes | Enzyme Quiz

Blood Glucose (Lactase) Data Analysis

HHMI Got Lactase (Film Questions)

The Milk Revolution (article with CER)

Enzymes - Feedback Inhibition

Investigation: Enzymes

Investigation: Concentration of Enzymes

Class Activity: Toothpickase


Chapter 7: Cellular Respiration powerpoint

homework Cellular Respiration Graphic Organizer

Investigation: What Factors Affect Respiration

Rate of Respiration (virtual lab)

Chapter 8: Photosynthesis powerpoint

Demonstration / Phenomenon: Bloody Chlorophyll

homework Chemiosmosis Coloring | Photosystems Labeling

Case Study - Killing Chloroplasts

Photosynthesis Investigation (leaf disks)

Leaf Stomata


Test Preparation

Learning Objectives

Practice Quiz: Cellular Respiration | Photosynthesis

Quizlet: Calvin Cycle | Cellular Respiration | Enzymes