Unit 9: Ecology

Ecology - Populations and Communities

Slides: Ecology and Populations and Communities

Slides: Community Interactions

Articles and CER's

Zebra Mussels

Asian Jumping Worm

Measuring Water Quality using Data Classroom

Bird Succession using Data Nuggets

Case Studies

The Wolves of Isle Royale

Loggerhead Turtles and Survivorship

A Delicate Balance (Resource Allocation)

Are Invading Bullfrogs Harmful?

Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone 

The Grey Seal Problem 

Modeling Trophic Cascades (Yellowstone wolves)

Labs and Activities

Estimating Population Size (netlogo)

Ocean Acidification Lab

Bubble Activity - Modeling Survivorship curves

Simpson's Diversity Index Using Seashells

Simpson's Diversity Index Using Netlogo


Test Preparation

Ecology Learning Objectives