AP Biology

Unit 9: Ecology

Ecology - Populations and Communitieis

Chapter 45 - Populations and Communities

Chapter 46 - Ecosystems

Animal Behavior

Investigation of Animal Behavior - Case Study/Investigation that explores main ideas of ethology (innate versus learned) and explores taxis. Students design an experiment to test an organism's response to environmental changes (homeostasis)

Case Studies

Invading Bullfrogs (Case Study)

Population Biology (virtual lab)

Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone (Case Study)

The Grey Seal Problem (Case Study)


Individidual Project, Ecology Article - consider an ecological topic of your choice, analyze a specific article about the topic and share with the class. (Sample: Giant Snails Invade Florida). Be prepared to discuss your article with the class. It is important to choose current, RELEVANT news.

Older Notes

Ch 46: Populations

Ch 47: Communities

Ch 48: Ecosystems

Ch 49: Biomes