AP Biology

Unit 9: Ecology

Animal Behavior

Investigation of Animal Behavior - Case Study/Investigation that explores main ideas of ethology (innate versus learned) and explores taxis. Students design an experiment to test an organism's response to environmental changes (homeostasis)


Ch 46: Populations
Survivorship and Population Models (Case Study)

Community Interactions

Ch 47: Communities

Invading Bullfrogs (Case Study)

Population Biology (virtual lab)



Ch 48: Ecosystems

Ch 49: Biomes

Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone (Case Study)

The Grey Seal Problem (Case Study)


Individidual Project, Ecology Article - consider an ecological topic of your choice, analyze a specific article about the topic and share with the class. (Sample: Giant Snails Invade Florida). Be prepared to discuss your article with the class. It is important to choose current, RELEVANT news.