Unit 2: Cell Biology

Chapter 4: Cell Structure and Function openstax

Reading Guide: 4.1- 4.3 | 4.4-4.6

powerpoint Google Slides | Notes Outline

video A Tour of the Cell | Crash Course Eukaryopolis

homework What Is Gaucher Disease?

homework What Causes Mitochondrial Disease (CER)

homework Cell Structures and Processes (labeling) | Simple vs Complex

video Cellular Specialization

Investigation: How Can a Microscope Be used to Make Observations

Investigation: What are the Different Types of Cells


Chapter 5: Cell Membrane Structure 

powerpoint Google Slides | Notes Outline

Reading Guide Ch 5

video Cell Membranes (Bozeman) | In Da Club (Crash Course)

Cell Membrane Bubble Lab

Case Study: Cystic Fibrosis

Investigation: Osmosis and Water Potential

homework Cell Membrane Images

What happens to a plant in saltwater? ~15 minutes