AP Biology

Unit 3: Evolution

Chapter 18 - Evolution and the Origin of Species powerpoint

- Introduction to Evolution (Discussion) powerpoint

Case Study: White-Striped Clover

(Video) Natural Selection
(Video) Examples of Natural Selection
(Video) Speciation: An Illustrated Introduction

(Video, 1 hr) The Origin of Tetrapods | Your Inner Fish

(Lab) HHMI - Stickleback Evolution Virtual Lab | Student Handout

Practice Quizzes: Evolution Concepts | Evolution Basic Vocabulary

Chapter 19 - The Evolution of Populations powerpoint

Types of Selection Graphing

Hardy-Weinberg Pocket Mouse | Hardy Weinberg Problemset

(Video) HHMI: Pocket Mouse

Chapter 20 - Phylogenies and the History of Life

Examining the Fossil Record

(Video) Speciation and Extinction
(Video) The Origin of Life

Case Study: The Tale of Three Lice (Human Evolution and Cladistics)

(Video) SciShow: Facts About Human Evolution