Unit 8: Evolution

Evolution and the Origin of Species

- Introduction to Evolution (Discussion) powerpoint
- Evolution and the Origin of Species powerpoint
- Processes of Evolution powerpoint

- Developing an Explanation for Mouse Fur Color (HHMI)

- VIDA Chart

(Video 15 min) HHMI: Pocket Mouse
(Video, 1 hr) The Origin of Tetrapods | Your Inner Fish
(Video, 5 min ) Five Fingers of Evolution

Simulation: Wolf and Bunny Populations - CER

homework Data Sets

Anole Lizards and Temperature (CER)

Data Analysis: North American Opossum

Funky Junco: Evolution and Animal Behavior

Tale of Speciation on Daphne Major

Types of Selection Graphing

Hardy-Weinberg Pocket Mouse | Hardy Weinberg Problemset

Investigation: Teddy Graham Lab


Phylogenies and the History of Life

Case Study: The Tale of Three Lice (Human Evolution and Cladistics)

homework Data Analysis: Cladogram versus Phylogeny (I2)

homework Data Anaylsis: Bioluminescence in Nocturnal Millipedes

Evolution of Cytochrome C

Investigation: Are Bats Birds?

(Video) SciShow: Facts About Human Evolution

Test Preparation

Learning Objectives

Quizzes: Evolution Concepts | Origin of Species