Unit 7: DNA

DNA Structure and Replication

Notes Packet (ALL notes for the entire unit)

14 DNA Structure and Replication: Why Do We Age? ppt

(V) DNA: The Secret of Life (optional)

DNA Extraction  (Investigation & Lab Report)

DNA: Molecule of Heredity (review guide)

Genes, Transcription & Translation

15: Genes and The Central Dogma ppt

Transcription & Translation Coloring

Quick Review: Transcription and Translation

The Biology of Sickle Cell

Genes and Regulation

16_Gene Regulation & Mutations

Investigation: Regulatory Switches in Sticklebacks


Notes: Biotechnology

Article: Mammoth on verge of resurrection

DMD Electrophoresis Lab | Doc File

Restriction Enzymes

Who Ate the Cheese

Lab 6: Molecular Biology (video)

video Animations & Video

Hershey Chase Experiment | Frederick Griffith Experiment

What is DNA? (by Stated Clearly)

DNA Replication (Amoeba Sisters)
DNA Replication (Crash Course)
DNA Transcription (Crash Course)

(V) DNA & RNA - Part 1 (bozeman)
(V) DNA & RNA - Part 2 (bozeman)

Gene Expression (Amoeba Sisters)

Test Preparation

Review Guide (Ch 14-16)


DNA Quiz 1 | DNA 2DNA 3DNA 4 

DNA Structure | Replication | Translation