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DNA video screenshot

This video can be checked out from your library or viewed on youtube. There are many videos about DNA, this one is narrated by Jeff Goldblum

DNA:  The Secret of Life    (Video ~ 1h)

1.  What characteristics of Watson and Crick made others think they would never succeed?


This video is difficult to acquire, your library may have it, or it is sold by education video libraries for 100-200$.

There are many DNA movies, make sure you find the one that is narrated by Jeff Goldblum.


2.  What was “Black Monday”?  How did “Black Monday” affect the direction of Wilkin’s career?



3.  In the race to uncover the structure of DNA, there were three main teams.  Describe the three teams and the approaches they used to solve the mystery.



4.  What got Watson and Crick banned from the Race?



5.  Why did Rosalind Franklin laugh at Watson and Crick’s first model?



6.  Why was Pauling accused of being a double agent?



7. What are the Chargaff rules?  What does Chargaff have to be bitter about?




8.  Should science be an “open community” where ideas are exchanged and shared?   How does NOT sharing information have an impact on scientific advancements?







9.  Do you believe that Watson and Crick went about their research in an ethical way?  Why or why not?