Genetics (Ch13-16)  Review Guide

1. Describe the contributions of each of the following with regards to the discovery of DNA:

Rosalind Franklin

Watson & Crick

Chargaff, Wilson

Griffith (Avery)



2.  Know the structure of DNA.  Be able to label DNA or draw a model on the test.

Be able to identify the 3' and the 5' ends

3.  Describe the process of DNA replication.  Know the players involved:  DNA helicase, DNA polymerase, replication fork, leading strand, lagging strand, Okazaki fragments, DNA ligase, complimentary strand, base-pairing

4. Describe the process of transcription, including where it occurs and what components are necessary for it to occur.

5.  Describe the process of translation, including where it occurs and what components are involved in it.    Pay particular attention to the role of tRNA and the anticodons.  Also be able to use a codon chart to determine the sequence of amino acids found in a gene.

6. Compare DNA to RNA and understand the roles of DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase.

7.  Understand the relationship between genes, proteins, amino acids, and chromosomes, also known as “The Central Dogma”


8.  Know the three regions associated with a gene:  Promoter, coding region, terminator.  Discuss the roles of each within the lac operon.


9.  Check your coloring sheet for more information and understanding of protein synthesis

10.  Check online at for animations of all of the above processes and refer to the bozemanscience videos that relate to the topics.

11.  Review topics in Biotechnology