Scientific Method & Scientific Questioning

1. Design an experiment that would answer your experimental question.

a.Establish a hypothesis AND a null hypothesis.
b. Identify the dependent and independent variables (may not apply to all).
c. Propose ways to eliminate confirmation bias.
d. Show a chart or graph that would depict what your data would look like.
e. Be ready to share your experiment with the class.

2. Improve your question (Scientific Questioning)

Does the wavelength of light (R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.) affect a plant’s growth?radish
Do mosuitoes spread the Zika virus to humans?hair
Will frogs exposed to the hormone estrogen lay more eggs? frog
Does the hormone estrogen increase the milk yield of dairy cows?cow
Does the size of a fish tank determine how large a fish will grow?fish
Do phosphates cause algae growth?plant
Will crickets chirp more if the temperature is warmer?cricket
Do wounds heal faster when they are covered by Band-Aids?bandaid
Do insecticides increase the yield of a corn crop?corn
Do hyenas hunt by sight or by smell?hyena
Does lack of sunlight cause depression in humans?sun
Are mosquitoes attracted to carbon dioxide?mosquito
Are neonicotinoids causing bee populations to decline? bee
Will female deer urine attract male deer? deer