Mendel's Experiments and Probability

1. Gregor Mendel, the "Father of Genetics"

Blending vs. Particulate Inheritance


Pea Plants (traits)


2. Mendel's Experiments

True-breeding / Hybrids


Cross Pollination / Self Pollination


Monohybrid Cross


Dominant / Recessive


Heterozygous / Homozygous


F1 vs F2


Genotype / Phenotype


3. The Test Cross

Cross a recessive to an unknown

The offspring proportion tells you what the unknown was

4. The Dihybrid Cross

RrYy x RrYy (show gametes)


Punnett Square (4x4)



9:3:3:1 Ratio



5. Mathematical Solutions are faster

Sample Problem: RrPp x rrpp








6. Big Ideas

Law of Independent Assortment


Law of Segregation


Law of Dominance and Recessiveness




Chromosome Theory of Inheritance