Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) Science Topics

The CER framework can be a strategy for students to improve their science reasoning skills. Students can also further their understanding of informational texts and scientific data.  Students can use the framework to become better at scientific reasoning.

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CER Worksheets by Topic


 Accomplished (3)Proficient (2)Developing (1)
CLAIMDomain specific language related to the case or argument is used to establish the claim. Claim is clear and concise. Uses complete and grammatically correct sentencesClaim is established, language may be vague or unclear or include some unrelated detailsClaim is not not established, not accurate or unrelated to the question or case
EVIDENCEEvidence is provided from the case, article, video or lecture. It is sufficient enough to support the claimEvidence is provided but lacking in some details or may not be sufficient or lacking in focus.Evidence provided is insufficient or is not accurate; no details provided
REASONINGEvidence is connected to the claim and  to major ideas to principles about the topic.  It is complete and thoroughEvidence is tied  to the claim, some details missing or not sufficient to establish a connectionEvidence is not tied to the claim, no additional information is used to connect ideas to principles

Label Version (Print on Labels for exams)

Claim (accurate, complete, grammar)  __3__2__1
Evidence (appropriate, sufficient, data)  __3__2__1
Reasoning (links to claim and sci. principles) 3__2__1