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  • Falling Cats – CER

    Falling Cats – CER

    Students practice Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (CER) while examining the relationship between falling height and cat injuries. The graphs show that cats who fall 2-7 stories often suffer more injuries than cats who fall from greater distances. Not much information is given about how the data was collected, though the original source is included, I…

  • Devils, Chromosomes and Cancer

    Devils, Chromosomes and Cancer

    This is a good follow-up activity to the Tasmanian Devil Karyotype, where students examine how the chromosomes of cancerous cells can be altered. It is a short read about a transmissible cancer found in Tasmanian devils which causes facial tumors. This cancer, known as is has already killed 85% of the overall population and threatens…

  • Mitochondria, DNA, and the Aging Process

    Mitochondria, DNA, and the Aging Process

    This short article was designed for anatomy and physiology students studying the cell.  The class focuses on how disease states can often be traced back to problems with cells.   Senescence, or aging, has been linked to a build-up of mutations in mtDNA. 

  • Claim, Evidence, Reasoning  (CER) Science Topics

    Claim, Evidence, Reasoning (CER) Science Topics

    A list of topics and articles for students to use to practice claim, evidence, and reasoning.

  • Article:  The Body Farm

    Article: The Body Farm

    This article has been adapted to model standardized test questions students, where the article is divided into columns and each paragraph is labeled with a number.  Students are required to find information in the text and analyze text structures.   Readers are asked to used context clues to understand difficult vocabulary.  Students must also make…

  • Summarizing Articles with a Framing Guide

    Summarizing Articles with a Framing Guide

    Students read scientific articles or journals and write a summary using this framing guide. Essays ensure students have read and understood the content.