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  • Urinary System – Label the Kidney and Nephron

    Urinary System – Label the Kidney and Nephron

    I created this version of a labeling activity for students who are learning from home during the 2020 pandemic. You will not need to hand out papers with this version! Instead, students use their Chromebook to open Google Slides and drag the labels to the correct position. I usually assign this activity after students have…

  • Urinary System Label

    Urinary System Label

    This image was modified from a wikimedia file so that students can fill in the answers. I have made four versions within a Google doc for either practice or differentiation. One version just has boxes for students to name the structures, and a second version has a word bank for developing learners. The other versions…

  • Case Study: Diaper Drama

    Case Study: Diaper Drama

    A case study on the urinary system. Students learn about a baby with recurring urinary tract infections due to a duplicate ureter.

  • Body Systems Graphic Organizer

    Body Systems Graphic Organizer

    Graphic of the body systems where students fill in blanks about structures within the organ system and their functions.   This concept map can be used as a review or as a way to organize notes over the body systems.

  • Color and Label the Nephron

    Color and Label the Nephron

    Practice labeling the nephron with this reinforcement activity.  Students can also color the image to identify the major structures of the nephron:  glomerulus, bowman’s capsule, proximal and distal tubules, loop of Henle, collecting duct and capillaries. This was designed to go with a larger unit on how the urinary system and kidneys help the body…

  • Investigation: Rat Dissection

    Investigation: Rat Dissection

    Provides instructions for dissecting a preserved rat. Students start with the external anatomy, then locate muscles, bones, and then the major organs.