Color and Label the Nephron

worksheetPractice labeling the nephron with this reinforcement activity.  Students can also color the image to identify the major structures of the nephron:  glomerulus, bowman’s capsule, proximal and distal tubules, loop of henle, collecting duct and capillaries.

This was designed to go with a larger unit on how the urinary system and kidneys help the body maintain water balance and homeostasis.  I also have the annotate the image with the main functions of each part, such as indicating that reabsorption takes place in the proximal tubule,  and secretion takes place in the distal tubule.

This image was created for an anatomy and physiology class, most basic biology classes would probably not go into as much detail about the functioning of the kidney.

Time Required: 5-15 minutes
Grade Level:  11-12

Download PDF Google Doc Key (TpT)

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