Case Study: Diaper Drama

This case study was designed for remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Google doc has form fields for students to type in answers as the read about the case of a baby who has a diaper rash and a fever. This document can be assigned and submitted through Google Classroom.

As the case progresses, students learn that baby Marina has a urinary tract infection that is likely caused by a double ureter. Students learn details about how urine samples are obtained in infants, how different types of X-rays can be used to see soft tissue. An x-ray reveals that the baby has a double ureter.

Finally, students must make a value judgment about the treatment of the baby. They can choose a surgical option where the ureter and a part of the kidney are removed, or they can choose a medical treatment, where the baby will take prophylactic antibiotics.

This case was inspired by a Buffalo Case study called the crying baby, but has been modified quite a bit to work for high school anatomy class and focus on specific details we learn during the unit on the urinary system. I wanted to focus more on the procedures and diagnostics as well as make a shorter simpler case study for students to complete on her own during “social distancing.”

I’ve also included an image showing an X ray of a double ureter for students to compare with a normal X-ray as well as a description of how urine samples can be obtained by catheter or by the “clean-catch” technique.

Ectopic Ureter

Download PDF Google Doc Key (TpT)

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