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  • Urinary System Label

    Urinary System Label

    This image was modified from a wikimedia file so that students can fill in the answers. I have made four versions within a Google doc for either practice or differentiation. One version just has boxes for students to name the structures, and a second version has a word bank for developing learners. The other versions…

  • Case Study: Diaper Drama

    Case Study: Diaper Drama

    A case study on the urinary system. Students learn about a baby with recurring urinary tract infections due to a duplicate ureter.

  • The Anatomy of the Kidney and Nephron

    The Anatomy of the Kidney and Nephron

    This coloring worksheet asks students to color the kidney to identify where structures like the medulla, cortex, renal vessels and ureters are located.   Another image focuses on an individual nephron to identify the glomerulus, proximal and distal tubules, and the Loop of Henle. This worksheet is intended for advanced students of anatomy.  Students will…