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  • Deer: Predation or Starvation?

    Deer: Predation or Starvation?

     This activity asks students to calculate the population change (births Рdeaths) and then graph the number of deer and the number of wolves. 

  • Demo:  BTB and Carbon Dioxide

    Demo: BTB and Carbon Dioxide

    I have used this demonstration every year to introduce the scientific method.  The worksheet below is optional and includes instructions for writing a lab report and doing a more involved investigation, but for the beginning of the year, I prefer to just have students observe and give their suggestions for how to test various hypotheses.…

  • The Blue Bottle Demonstration

    The Blue Bottle Demonstration

    Most biology teachers must eventually accept the awful truth that they will need to include chemistry in their biology classes.  For years, the only chemistry I had to worry about was the very simple photosynthesis equation which was fairly easy to explain and also presented in an “unbalanced” form.   When I started teaching AP…