General Ed


These worksheets don’t fall into the other categories and can be used in a variety of ways.  I am very fond of graphic organizers as a way for students to learn the “big picture” rather than memorize isolated facts.  Venn diagrams are also a useful tool for comparing concepts.

Student Activities

First Day Activities – a collection of ideas for the first day of schools, icebreaker activities and introductions

21st Century Problems – discuss in groups problems facing the world today and propose solutions, science starter

Meet and Greet Scavenger Hunt – first day activity for students to get to know each other
Introductions – this graphic asks students to fill in information about their favorite movies, sports, and other questions to help you get to know them
Student Inventory – questionnaire to help you get to know your students”
The Language of Science– help students learn vocabulary by teaching them word meanings

Graphic Organizers

Introduction to Concept Mapping – any topic, use application

Graphic Organizer – Website Template
Graphic Organizer – Facebook Template, status update

Graphic Organizer – Science Article (problem, solution, details)

Graphic Organizer for Video Lessons – students  use TED-ED or other video formats for lessons

Blank Venn Diagram (horizontal)  |   Blank Venn (vertical)

Article Summaries

Framing Guide for Article Summaries – this template can help students write a short essay that summarizes an article they read

Article Analysis  – simple graphic organizer for reading and evaluating news articles, can work for any subject
Article Summary – students locate and summarize science articles from science journals. Includes rubric for grading and guidelines for summarizing
Article Summary for Kids –  this type of summary asks advanced students to rewrite a complicated journal article to make it readable for someone who is much younger.  Includes rubric.

Exit Tickets

Twitter Exit Ticket –  exit ticket in the form of a twitter update, including @ and # symbols

Status Update – exit ticket in the form of a facebook status update, which includes emoji

Evaluations and Rubrics

Student Self Evaluation :  A quick survey for students to complete about their study habits and goals for the class

Group Evaluation – students grade each member of a group for traits such as contributions, focus, and preparedness.  This gives students some say in an overall participation grade and can be used for case studies, lab work or other collaborative activities

Class Participation Rubric – created for AP Biology, can be modified for other classes, includes a personal reflection component

Video Lessons and Taking Notes:  If you use a flipped classroom model or require your students to watch videos to prepare for class, this flow chart provides a framework for students to take notes over what they watch.

Lesson Plan Template – printable page for keeping track of lesson plans, has room for three subjects and each day of the week