Exit Tickets in the Biology Classroom

Exit tickets are a quick assessment tool that teachers use to gather feedback from students at the end of a lesson or class. They can be used to assess student understanding or identify areas of confusion.

Exit tickets can be written, verbal, or even digital. They can be as simple as a quick question or as complex as a short essay. The key is to make them quick and easy for students to complete so that they can be used at the end of a lesson or class without taking up too much time.

You could use an exit ticket with this introductory activity on “sewer lice.” Place a question on the board. “Are they alive? How do you know? After a discussion on the characteristics of life, students can submit an exit ticket. This is a quick way to ascertain whether your students got the lesson or not.

You can use exit tickets to

  • Assess student understanding of a concept or topic
  • Identify areas where students need additional support
  • Gauge student interest in the topic
  • Provide feedback to the teacher on the effectiveness of the lesson
  • Motivate students to continue learning

Exit Ticket Ideas and Samples

Ditch that Textbook has some excellent ideas for creative exit tickets and prompts.

Canva also has some amazing exit ticket templates that you can customize. This one is from a template, though I changed the colors.

basic exit ticket

Twitter Themed Exit Ticket

twitter exit ticket

Google Forms Exit Ticket – Click to COPY this form to your drive. Change as needed

google form