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  • Video Lessons Graphic Organizer

    Video Lessons Graphic Organizer

    This lesson introduces students to the idea of watching videos at home, taking notes, and then coming to class with understanding and knowledge to apply to a classroom activity, like a lab or discussion.   Students watch a 4.5 minute TED Ed video and complete a chart on the main ideas and details. 

  • Exit Tickets in the Biology Classroom

    Exit Tickets in the Biology Classroom

    Examples of using exit tickets in the biology classroom. Includes a template for a twitter exit ticket.

  • Lesson Plan Template

    Lesson Plan Template

    Lesson plan template for google docs. Save to your own drive or print.

  • Flashcard Creators and Templates

    Flashcard Creators and Templates

    If you teach a class that requires students to memorize information, then you have probably worked with students on developing strategies for memorization. I often tell my anatomy students that they might forget some of the details of what they have learned, but study strategies will stay with them through college.   I could get…

  • Lab Report Guidelines and Template

    Lab Report Guidelines and Template

    Help students organize a lab report for any experiment, includes basic layout: title, introduction, hypothesis, materials and methods, data, and conclusions.