Science Article Summary

The advances in all fields of science seem to come at an exponential rate. What we study today may be modified or amended tomorrow just as much of today's knowledge is rooted in the past. An educated person reads throughout an entire lifetime. Articles should be from a respectable source such as: Scientific American, Discover, Science News, Natural History, Smithsonian, Bioscience, etc. There are two methods of submission for reviewing at article, consult your instructor on specific details for your assignment.

Science News Sources

Science News Online
Science Daily
New York Times - Science
Nature: Science Journals
BBC Science
Discover Magazine
Scientific American
Science Friday at NPR
Reuters Science

1. Copy or print the article, you will attach it to your essay.

2. Summarize the article in your own words! The summary must be printed with a word processor. The summary should contain the following elements. Your teacher may allow you to submit via email with a link to the article instead.

All summaries should not exceed a page in length.

You will lose a point if you fail to attach or link a copy of the article to your summary.

Submission on Discussion Forum

In this alternative method, you will discuss your article on a digital forum or social network. The guidelines are similar to the essay submission but you are also required to respond on the forum and engage in discussion about articles summarized by your peers.

Discussion Guidelines

  • Meaningful and New Ideas: Ideas examine topic from new perspective that contributes to group understanding of topic
  • Message Coherence: Messages explain issues, provide new perspectives, effectively questions, or elaborates on topic
  • Relevance of Replies to Other Messages: Responses elaborate, contradict,modify, or explain the original messag

Rubric for Forum Analysis

Introduction: ____0 ____1 ____2 ____3
Content Summary: ____0 ____1 ____2 ____3
Relevance & Prompt: ____0 ____1 ____2 ____3
Discussion Responses: ____0 ____1 ____2 ____3
Total Points _____ out of 12

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