Label: Protein Synthesis

In the past, I have used Transcription Coloring to reinforce the concept of the central dogma, as it shows how DNA is converted to RNA which travels to the ribosomes where a protein is created from individual amino acids carried on transfer RNA.

This coloring worksheet does not work well for remote learners during the 2020 pandemic, so I created this drag-and-drop alternative where students can label the images. There are three slides on this activity, the first two show images of the process and the last slide asks students to answer text questions that describe various parts of the process. For example: “What is the role of tRNA in the process?”

Students can also practice with this worksheet on the Genetics of Sickle Cell Disease which goes into greater detail about the relationship between the proteins and functions of those proteins. A single switch in a base, can lead to the nonfunctional protein found in hemoglobin. There is also a labeling handout that is similar but is designed for students to do on paper, in class.

protein synthesis


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