Introduction to Physics

Introduction to Physics is a freshman level class. Normal sequence for entering freshman who are not on a college track (such as vocational) is:

Intro to Chemistry
Intro to Physics
Intro to Biology
Intro to Earth Science

ELab Links

Projectile Motion
Roller Coaster Physics
Lever Principle
ForgeFX (catapult)

I Know That

Online Calculaters and Tools

Physics Equations
Scientific Calculators (

Conversions at
Bluesolver (calculator)



One of two books we use for this class. Since we rarely have enough books for all students, lectures, notes and worksheets are designed to not be dependent upon the textbook.

Lecture powerpoints have fill-in-the-blank style notes that go with them. Most presentations end with a quiz where students can use their notes.

Class Management

Rules & Expectations PPT powerpoint

Rules and Expectations .doc

Multiple Intelligences Test

Physics Pre Test

Engineering and Design

These are projects that ask students to design and test structures according to specific parameters. Many can be done in a single class period,and some might take weeks. They don't go with any particular chapter or unit, and can be placed wherever appropriate in the physics curriculum

Egg Catcher

Mobile Equilibrium

Mouse Trap Car

Marshmallow Tower

Toothpick Bridge

Windmill Windup


































Photo Credit: flickr:cobalt123


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Motion | Lecture Notes

Problemset: Distance & Displacement
Problemset: Velocity

Speed and the Two Step | Mealworm Speed
Distance and Time Graphs with Wind-Up Ducks

Problem Set: Acceleration

Review Guide: Motion





Photo Credit: flickr: blythe83

Do not text and drive!The forces during a collision are deadly.


powerpoint PPT: Motion & Forces (Newton's Law) | Lecture Notes
powerpointPPT: Newton's 2nd Law (F=ma) | Lecture Notes

Articles: Mathematics to Everywhere word_icon | High Speed Trains word_icon| Satellites word_icon | Another Dead Satellite word_iconNewton's Laws word_icon

Labs: Mass vs Weight word_icon | How Much Weight word_icon
eLabs: Projectile Motion | Airtrack Collisions | Elevator Forces
Lab: Momentum; Marble Slides into Cup word_icon

FunLab: Design a Balloon Car

Problemset: Force and Acceleration (F=ma) word_icon
Problemset: Mass and Weight word_icon | Momentum word_icon

powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Newton's Third Law (collisions)
Lecture Notes

Activity: Design a website for Isaac Newton

Review Guide: Newton's 2nd and 3rd Laws word_icon


Photo Credit: flickr: hounddiggity

Why doesn't the coaster fall off the tracks?


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Potential & Kinetic Energy | Lecture Notes

Article: Wicked Rollercoaster word_icon

Elab: Coaster Crafter

Problem Set: Kinetic and Potential Energy word_icon

Graphic: Potential Energy | Law of Conservation of Energy

Review Guide: Energy word_icon


Photo Credit: flickr: Zikina


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Magnets | Lecture Notes

(Lab) Experiments with Magnets
(Demo Lab) Make an Electromagnet
(Lab) Create a Compass

Article: Magnetism word_icon

Review Guide: Magnets word_icon

Photo Credit: flickr: watch4u


powerpoint Powerpoint Lecture: Waves | Lecture Notes

powerpointPowerpoint Lecture: Sound (Waves) | Lecture Notes
powerpointPowerpoint Lecture: Electromagnetic Waves | Lecture Notes
powerpointPowerpoint Lecture: Light & Color | Lecture Notes

Problemset: Wave Speed word_icon
Vocabulary: Electromagnetic Waves word_icon
Lab: Working with Light & Color

Article: Sonar word_icon

Video: Tsunami word_icon

Final Project: Technology and Inventions

Final Exam Practice Quizzes: Scientific Method & Motion | Forces | Energy & Work | Electricity & Magnets |
Final Exam Topic Review Guide | Final Exam Fill in the Blank Review

If it's green, it's BIOLOGY. ▪ If it stinks, it's CHEMISTRY. ▪ If it doesn't work, it's PHYSICS