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Disney Imagineering: Levers and Pulleys

dvd1. Asa's boss challenged him to make what?
a. an elevator b. an animatronic figure c. a light display

2. Mechanical advantage refers to the number of times a machine ____________________ effort force.

3. What mechanical advantage does the lever pictured below give you? _______


4. Label the parts of the lever shown on the toilet

toilet lever

5. Adding more pulleys will _______ the mechanical advantage. a. increase b. decrease

6. What kind of lever is used to raise Dumbo?a. 1st class b. 2nd classc. 3rd Class

7. The Soarin ride gives riders the illusion of being in a: a. hang gliderb. jet planec. submarine

8. In an animotronic figure, an actuator is a motor that contols the ________________________ of an object.

9. An electric ______________________ is a device that controls the position and velocity of a machine.

10. In Catastrophe Canyon, what happens when the levers (gates) open?
a. water comes crashing downb. a boulder rolls down the mountainc. a building explodes

11. What happens when Asa lifts the tiki with pulley system?
the rope breaksb. the ceiling falls c. he isn't strong enough

12. In Typhoon Lagoon, waves are generated by: a. levers that open doors b. pulleys that raise the floor