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 1. Use the words mass, weight and volume to complete the following

The force due to gravity on an object is ________________________________.

The quantity of matter in an object is __________________________________.

The amount of space an object occupies is _______________________________.


 2. The force exerted by gravity on 1kg = 9.8 N.    Force = ma

 How many newtons are in 2.5 kg?

 How many kilograms are in 4.4 N?


 3. 1kg = 2.2 lb

 How many lbs are in 183 kg?

 How many kg are in 22 lbs?


 4. 1 lb = 4.45 N

 How many newtons are in 175 lbs?

 How many lbs are in 88 newtons?


5. Complete the following statements.

As mass increases, acceleration ________________________.

As mass increases, weight ____________________________.

As net force increases, acceleration ________________________.