The Scientific  Method  - Plop Plop  Fizz Fizz

alka seltzer

In this lab, you will develop and test a hypothesis, analyze data and draw conclusions.
You are given guidance at each step of the way. 

Fill out this form completely - do not skip steps!

Step 1:  Question or Observation

Question:   What factors will make an alka-seltzer tablet dissolve faster?

Variables to test: 
.....Tap water,  Warm water,  Cold water,  Salt Water,  Acidic water (using vinegar)

Of the variables above, circle the one that should serve as your CONTROL group.

In this experiment, the independent variable is the type of water (warm, salt..etc). 

What is the responding variable, or the thing you will be measuring? _________________

Step 2:  Develop a hypothesis.  Finish this statement…

Alka seltzer will dissolve fastest in ______________ water, and the slowest in _________ water.

Step 3:  Design and Conduct and Experiment

A)  Will you use a whole tablet or a half a tablet of alka seltzer?   _______________
B)  How will you measure how quickly it dissolves?   _______________________________
C)  How much water will you place in your beakers?  ______________________________
Will this amount be the same in all of your tests?  _______________
D)  What safety precautions should you take? ______________________________________

Step 4:  Create a table to record your results.

Type of Water Dissolve Time

Step 5:   Draw Conclusions

– in a complete sentence, answer your experimental question by summarizing the data


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