The Scientific Method and the Fortune Telling Fish

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fortune telling fish

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1.  Open your fortune telling fish and observe what happens when you place it in the palm of your hand.   What does the envelope say this means about your personality?


Scientific Thinking

One criteria is scientific thought is that all phenomena have NATURAL CAUSES,  or some kind of natural (not supernatural) explanation.

2.  Discuss with your team some natural causes that could explain the fish’s movements.   Suggest at least two possible causes:


Design an Experiment

Choose one of the causes you suggested and describe how you could test this.    You will have some basic supplies that are common to a lab to test your hypothesis.   

3.  Briefly describe how you plan to  conduct your experiment.



Describe the outcome of your experiment.   Does the variable you tested account for the fish’s movements?  How do you know?

*If your results were inconclusive, revise your experiment or test the other variables that might be causing the fish to move.

Other Resources on the Scientific Method and Phenomena

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Sponge Animals: Growing Insects – this lab grows sponge animals, graphs and calculates the growth rate (slope of line)

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