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1. Based on the opening sentence, you would expect the next paragraphs to do what?

a. explain how the roller coaster was built
b. describe how the ride is fun
c. discuss the history of roller coasters

2. How many people can fit into a single train?

a. 4          b. 6         c. 8

3. The author suggests the what feature of the ride might be unnerving?

a. the design of the seats
b. the lack of safety belts
c. the darkness of the track

Suggest another word that could be used instead of "unnerving"


4. LSM motors use what technology to power the ride? 

a.  solar energy    
b. magnetism  
c. gravitational energy

5.  What happens after the car reaches the top of the eleven-story tower?

a.  car goes into free fall                 
b.  car stops and holds for 3 seconds
c. car goes into a 360 degree loop 

1 "It's Big, It's Fast, It's Wicked," proclaims Lagoon, but after experiencing it it's also worth adding, "It's Fun!"

Last summer, Lagoon just north of Salt Lake City, Nevada introduced to the public their newest thriller, a one-of-a-kind launched steel roller coaster named Wicked. While it may not be in same league as some of the well-known record breakers, the Wicked roller coaster certainly does set a new standard for Lagoon. "This is a one-of-a-kind coaster, there is nothing like it in the world," says Dick Andrew, Executive Vice President of Marketing.

2 One of the positive things about Lagoon is that you're probably not going to have to wait hours to try out Wicked as evidenced by a rather short queue. They're not trying to set any records for a queue maze here. Inside the station, riders board a two-car train, each car sporting a single row with four seats across. Once seated, riders are secured by a comfortable lap bar restraint.

3 If you're accustomed to the safety blanket of a bucket style roller coaster car, this may be too unnerving for you. Wicked's trains are designed with cars that have open sides, nothing in front of you and elevated seats for an unobstructed view. After a quick safety check by one of the operators you're set to go. As the train rolls away from the loading platform what's to come is hidden from view inside the dimly lit building. The track reveals nothing as it veers off to the left where you cannot see. Prepare to be launched...

4 Leaving the traditional lift hill start out of this setup, Wicked's manufacturer Zierer instead opted to get this roller coaster rolling with a much newer technology. The slow familiar climb up an angled hill, is instead replaced with the same technology that rocketed the first roller coaster riders to the milestone 100 miles-per-hour a decade ago. Linear synchronous motors or LSMs are responsible for propelling Wicked into action. These motors are powed by magnets, the same type of technology that propels high speed maglev trains.

5 With little notice the LSMs kick in sending the train rocketing up out of the tunnel at 60.7 feet per second. As you head straight for the moon, a second set of LSMs on the launch tower fire and propel you even faster up the launch tower or "top hat" element. If you're not screaming yet, you will be as the train reaches the top of the eleven-story tower, cruises over the top and begins a 90-degree freefall.

6. What is the Immelmann?
a.  the coaster design company
b.  the front seat       
c.  a type of turn

7.  What happens during the Heartline Inversion?
a.  riders experience no gravity             
b. riders experience 3 Gs          
c.  riders stop upside down

8. This article is not finished. What would you expect to find in the second half of the article:
a. description of the second half of the ride
b. summary of safety features
c. a review of a similar roller coaster

9. What is the author’s purpose in this article?
a.  outline safety features of coasters            
b. describe the coaster             
c.  compare this coaster to other coasters

6 If the airtime at the top of the launch tower wasn't enough there is a second pop at the bottom as the train now traveling 55 miles-per-hour jumps over a speed hill. Approaching the boundary of the park, the trains come into a near inverting turn called the Immelmann, which forms one end of Wicked's double out and back layout.

7 Diving out of the Immelmann the elements seem to come at a relentless pace as the train soars up and through a Heartline inversion. If you feel like you're floating through this inversion you're probably right. The point of the Heartline is to roll the train 360-degrees horizontally at top of a hill with no gravitational forces acting on the riders.

After a 180-degree turn above the station, you enter the block brake zone. Not bad for the first half of a roller coaster.



10. Each of the images below is from a description in the paragraphs above. Each description is underlined in the paragraphs. Match the underlined words to the photos below by labeling each image.



Wicked Roller Coaster








Wicked First Drop


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