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  • Cell Membrane Transport Graphic Organizer

    Cell Membrane Transport Graphic Organizer

    Label a graphic that compares the types of transport in a cell, such as osmosis, diffusion, and active transport.

  • How Do Legionella Bacteria Cause Disease?

    How Do Legionella Bacteria Cause Disease?

    Analyze a graphic that shows how legionella bacteria are taken up by cells through phagocytosis and reproduce in the phagosome.

  • Reinforcement: Cell Transport

    Reinforcement: Cell Transport

    This reinforcement worksheet was designed for introductory biology, to help students learn concepts related to cell transport across the membrane. Words include osmosis, diffusion, hypertonic, and hypotonic, semipermeable, and active and passive transport. The exercise has vocabulary terms and a list of sentences or definitions for students to match to the words. I use google…

  • Cell Membrane Coloring

    Cell Membrane Coloring

    Color the cell membrane with a focus on diffusion, osmosis and transport proteins. Students color the structures of a cell membrane according to the directions. Then they answer questions about cell transport. I designed this worksheet for an introductory biology course to reinforce concepts related to cell transport. An image shows the phospholipid bilayer with…

  • Cellular Respiration Graphic Organizer

    Cellular Respiration Graphic Organizer

    Students complete a graphic organizer that shows the process of cellular respiration. 

  • Investigation:  The Effect of Salt on a Potato

    Investigation: The Effect of Salt on a Potato

    Students observe how the mass of a potato slice changes when soaked overnight in salt water.  The activity is intended to be done as part of a lesson on osmosis and hypertonic and hypotonic solutions.   Students will need about 15 minutes to set up their cups, weigh their slices and make predictions about what they…

  • Cell Membrane and Transport

    Cell Membrane and Transport

    This reinforcement worksheet displays a graphic of the cell membrane showing the phospholipid bilayer and embedded proteins.    Students identify structures within the bilayer and use reasoning to determine how molecules are moving across the membrane in response to a hypertonic solution. Worksheet was designed for freshman level biology classes who are studying osmosis and…