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  • Investigation: Earthworm

    Investigation: Earthworm

    This earthworm lab is a revised version of the observation lab that I have used for years. I wanted to make the lab more open-ended and include terminology within the lab instead of expecting them to know it from their notes or textbooks. Taxonomy chapters on annelids and other invertebrates are being phased out, and…

  • The Martian and the Car

    The Martian and the Car

    This worksheet is one of the older ones in my collection, and was recently updated to include a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning section (instead of short response/essay). This a a great way to introduce the topic of life and how we define whether something is living or not. In this scenario, a Martian is observing earth and decides…

  • The Lion in Your Living Room

    The Lion in Your Living Room

    This film was based on a book “The Lion in Your Living Room“, which I had read last year, so I was really excited to watch the film version. The pace was good and included interesting animations, like showing what happens when a cat falls and must twist its body to land on its feet.…

  • Case Study – Are Nanobacteria Alive?

    Case Study – Are Nanobacteria Alive?

    In this case study, students review the evidence of scientists on both sides of the controversy questioning whether nanobacteria are living organisms.