The Lion in Your Living Room


This film was based on a book “The Lion in Your Living Room“, which I had read last year, so I was really excited to watch the film version. The pace was good and included interesting animations, like showing what happens when a cat falls and must twist its body to land on its feet.

I created a worksheet to go with it for a day when many of my students were out for testing. It actually was a nice follow-up to a video we had watched earlier in the year on dog evolution: Dogs Decoded.

This video is available on Netflix and through Amazon Prime. It is about 50 minutes long, good for a day when you have a sub or classes have been disrupted.

I don’t usually watch full length documentaries in class, mainly because I find they won’t keep student attention for that long. Video worksheets can be helpful to keep students focused, or to serve as discussion points.

Grade Level: 7-12
Time Required: 50 minutes