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The Lion in Your Living Room  (Netflix)


Before you watch the video, tell me a little about your experience with cats:

A)  Do you have a cat (or have you ever had a cat)?    _______
B)  What do you like about cats? _____________________________________
C)  What do you not like about cats? _________________________________
D)  Pick a name for the cat pictured →   ____________________________

___ 1.  The gait of a cat evolved to improve a cat’s:    

a) running speed                     b) stealth                           c) jump

___ 2.  High Rise Syndrome occurs when cats: a) get lost in buildings     b) get stuck in trees        c) fall off balconies

___ 3.  What feature of a cat’s ears help them hunt prey?

a) they swivel              b)  they can hear ultrasonic squeeks             c) both of these

___ 4.  The vomeronasal organ is used when:   a) sniffing other cats        b) hunting prey          c) finding mates

___ 5.   What area on the eye is reflective?    a) pupil                       b) tapetum lucidum                 c) iris

___ 6.   Whiskers help cats:  a) move in tight spaces        b) purr                 c)  balance on tree limbs

___ 7.  Domestic cats meow to  a) scare predators               b) find prey                  c)  get attention

___ 8.  Cats make a “chattering” noise during what activity?     a)  eating          b) hunting         c) fighting

___ 9.  The solicitation purr of cats is most similar to what? 

  a)  baby’s crying         b) dog’s whining      c) traffic

___ 10.  A cat that has never known human companionship is called: 

a)  domesticated     b) adapted     c) feral

___ 11.  A straight-up tail communicates what?   a)  friendly intentions        b) a warning       c) hunger

___ 12. Felis silvestris lybica is a type of wildcat thought to be:

a) nearly extinct                      b) the largest cat                     c)  the ancestor of domestic cats

___ 13.  What likely brought cats to human settlements?   a)  other cats         b) food           c)  rats

___ 14.  Orange cats were more common in areas with:  a) Vikings          b)  farmers         c) deserts

___ 15.  What gives cats bad press?

  a) they injure babies              b) they carry disease        c) they kill wildlife 

 Careers that involve cats:    Veterinarian    |    Cat Trainer     |   Shelter Worker       |  Cat Breeder