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  • Case Study – Tibetans and Altitude (Remote)

    Case Study – Tibetans and Altitude (Remote)

    This case study is a remote alternative to “How Do Tibetans Survive High Altitudes.” The remove version is shorter and does not require as much guidance by the instructor. I created this version with Google slides, so students can type their answers directly onto the slide. I made remote versions of several activities because I…

  • Interactive Slides: Blood

    Interactive Slides: Blood

    These interactive slides on blood were created for pandemic teaching in 2021. Slides can be posted on Google Classroom or other learning management systems. My class are hybrid, where I have a mix of students watching from home and those in class. Students all have Chromebook and as we go through the slides, I’m explaining…

  • Biomolecules – Guided Learning

    Biomolecules – Guided Learning

    This lesson was inspired by a POGIL lesson on proteins. Like other process oriented guided learning activities, students examine graphics and information. Then they perform tasks to build their knowledge and understanding of the topic. The slides start with the basic structure of an amino acid, where students identify the carboxyl and amine groups. Then…

  • Are Bats Birds?

    Are Bats Birds?

    This activity gives AP students the opportunity to work with the protein database: UniProt by sequencing the protein hemoglobin in bats, birds, and other mammals.

  • DNA, Proteins, and Sickle Cell

    DNA, Proteins, and Sickle Cell

    In this activity, students use a codon chart to compare the DNA sequence of HbA (normal hemoglobin) to HbS (sickle cell). The DNA differs in a single base, where the codon for normal hemoglobin codes for glutamine, and the mutant form codes for valine.