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  • Interpreting a Food Web and Trophic Levels

    Interpreting a Food Web and Trophic Levels

    Students analyze a food web and determine the types of consumers, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Then they construct a pyramid of numbers.

  • Trophic Cascades at Biointeractive

    Trophic Cascades at Biointeractive

    This worksheet is designed for the Interactive Activity on Trophic Cascades at HHMI Biointeractive . Students learn how the loss or addition of a species, like a fox, can affect other organisms in the system. Students complete the worksheet by answering questions as they explore the interactive activity. The activity illustrates a trophic cascade in…

  • Deer: Predation or Starvation?

    Deer: Predation or Starvation?

     This activity asks students to calculate the population change (births Рdeaths) and then graph the number of deer and the number of wolves. 

  • Ecology Lesson on Trophic Cascades

    Ecology Lesson on Trophic Cascades

    This year I decided to change the way I teach the last unit of the year, which is ecology.   Our textbook is really old, and not aligned to NGSS.  The lessons followed a familiar “old-school” pattern:  take notes mainly about definitions, do an activity or lab, then take a quiz.  This year, I wanted to…

  • Biome Project

    Biome Project

    Students become experts in a biome and create a product, such as a pamphlet, to showcase details about their assigned ecosystem (tundra, forest, ocean..etc.)

  • Investigation: What Organisms Are Found in Ponds?

    Investigation: What Organisms Are Found in Ponds?

    Does your community have ponds, streams, or lakes?  Students enjoy working with real biology, and though it may not be possible to take students to a lake, you can bring the lake to the student.   This open-ended activity gives students the opportunity to explore pond water and compare the types of species found in…